We are back!

It has been a while since my first post and I hope you are all keeping safe and alert. When I revamped and updated this website at the beginning of March, I was filled with so much excitement. I finally had a functional website, a new way to reach clients and grow my business. I had no idea that the world as I knew it was about to change and possibly for ever.

I was doing a stock inventory while watching with concern as news of the pandemic began to filter through and the virus engulfed one country after the other. Fearful, as my family members resided at school, were on holiday including one in the USA when the President shut down the borders to China, EU countries and then the UK. I worried about them being stranded away from home. This would turn out to be the least of my problems as time went on. Thankfully they all got home safely.

There were also concerns about going ahead with placing an order for new stock, as I had no idea if the restrictions will ultimately engulf cargo flights as well. It was at best sketchy information available as we all contemplated the new norm we had found ourselves. For a few weeks, as UK cases kept rising and finally lockdown was announced, the messages and news about the virus were so conflicting but what was made clear, was the fact that it’s easily transmissible, it can kill and the importance of regular handwashing, alcohol sanitisers and social distancing. The idea that toilet paper would become a commodity coveted like precious stones, was not one I saw coming.

I was in Limbo. A few wig orders had arrived and I was working on these. I did not know if it was safe to post them out, neither did I know if it was safe to go to the post office. I also had no idea at the time, how much my business will be affected as orders and clients enquiries where still filtering through. Amongst these were clients who felt that lockdown was the best time to have all their old wigs repaired or revamped, those who started their transition to natural hair but that soon petered out. I personally, did not want to receive packages as it was still unclear on how long this virus could remain active on; packages or mail bags surfaces. I also wanted to limit external contacts and that included my regular postie.

In order to safe guard myself and my clients, I contacted each one and they all agreed that the completed wigs should remain with me until we know more. For new orders, clients were advised that we were no longer taking in these until further notice.

Orders finally ceased, the calls too and it was shut down time. My regular what’s app updates gradually went from Wig updates to anything and everything that I found interesting. It could range from Covid News updates from around the world, personal photos, birthday shout outs, fashion, music comedy and general musings. I have also been out Thursday evenings, to give a shout out and clap for the NHS. When I got bombarded by the 5G theorists, my update was a threat to block anyone who sent me unverified messages or scaremongering and it ceased, thankfully.

I used the down time to skim through a lot of social media content, signed up for a tik-tok account, turned my hand to cooking again (with occasional threats of going on a kitchen strike), talked about but never did anything towards learning how to make a dress, started a few online courses (still on them), played lots of games on my phone, found and dusted my kindle and had long chats with my family who continue to remain safe and healthy.

My birthday fell within this period and I raised money for two Charities – Mental Health Organisation UK and Mirabel Centre in Nigeria. I remain grateful to all who sent in donations. Usually I have themed events to celebrate. One year it was glam luxury dinner with a group of my close friends and the year after an Old School Live Band Show, other celebrations have included a few girls trip and a good old knees up shindig.

I already had something planned for this year and along came Covid. So I decided on a quiet day in with the family and a barbeque. The girls took that off the table and surprised me with the effort they put in to making it a truly special and memorable day. With a glam photo shoot, lovely cake, a cocktail bar and we all had on themed Eddiiez Lockdown T-shirts. We also did the #somethingnew dance challenge. I was not as great as I thought I’d be despite watching it on Tik Tok. At one point they had to help me count in to the beat. (yes that awful). It was just us in the garden however, it was a day filled with a lot of joy and laughter. For those few hours, I forgot about the chaos in the world and will count it as one of my best birthday celebrations ever! I thank them for this.

As the country slowly eases back to work, I’m reminded of the impact that the lockdown would have had on other Wig Makers and small business owners like myself, the loss of income, the need to wean ourselves off long and quiet days and plunge ourselves back into the melee of advertising, sales, marketing and creating as we begin to build our brand back up. I know it is will be a long and hard road going forward but with good health and life we should count ourselves as the lucky ones. I have wavered quite often and contemplated alternative income options as my other business will definitely be one of the last to reopen and I’ve no doubt that it may take a year or more to revive the events business to what it was pre-covid.

Then a few days ago, my quiet phone began to light up; an enquiry for a repair, a request for a new wig, then another revamp query, closure replacement and a few who have cut off all their hair during the lock down enquiring about wigs. So yes, things are slowly picking up and hopefully they will continue in that vein. I am going back to my Pre-Covid routine and will shortly return my whats app feed back to wig updates.


In the last few months we have all been impacted in various ways by the pandemic, a few have had and thankfully survived the virus and a few sadly have not, some have lost loved ones. I am reminded each day of how precious life is and how important it is to make as well as spend time with loved ones. How precious human interaction is, a hug and a kiss with none household members is now deemed dangerous.

I have also learnt how isolating it has been for some and the financial toll it has taken on others who have lost their jobs. The pandemic has also shown the kindness in so many and fostered bonds and a camaraderie previously unseen as people across the world jointly fight a common and unseen enemy.

Each day I remember those whose jobs in different fields mean that they are exposed daily to this virus and yet continue to march forward, in their quest to ensure we staying home remain safe and continue to have access to essential goods and services. The police, delivery men and women, Health care workers, pharmacy and supermarket staff, the bin men, road sweepers, bus and train drivers and so many more and I thank them.

Most importantly I am reminded of those currently battling Covid at home and various hospitals and will continue to pray for a full recovery for them. Remembering also with sadness those whom we have lost. May their souls rest in peace and I pray for strength and comfort for their loved ones.

Re-opening Eddiez Wigs

We will be reopening next week.

Clients can now place orders via our website from Bank Holiday Monday 25 May 2020.

We will continue to take all precautions necessary to ensure that orders received are processed and despatched safely and carefully. We will continue to use Royal Mail services for all deliveries.

Face to Face Appointments will no longer be available until further notice.

For clients who require their head measurements done, please view our measurement guide and if you require additional assistance, guidance via video call can be arranged. Please ensure that you have measuring tape available.

Continue to be healthy and stay safe.

Locking Down my Birthday