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Adjustable Wig Band

Are you looking for a way to secure your wig? Are you tried of guessing the measurement for your elastic band and……and it’s either too big or too small …… No glue, combs, clips necessary ! Easy to Install Our hook and buckle adjustable wig band is designed to give you additional support and comfort for your wigs. Hook The two small pieces are end pieces and  sewn to the edges of your wig, close to the temple areas and the other medium and long lengths is attached to these with hooks.  Select your perfect fit hook in and walk away secure and confident. It is perfect for both lace frontals and closure wigs.   Buckle It is an adjustable elastic band, made to be sewn to wigs for a tighter, better fit. It is made of 2 pieces with a hook that connects to both. Adjustable elastic bands securely hold your wig in place. It allows you to change the fit according to your head comfort without slipping or pulling your edges. So you can enjoy your day without the worries of your wig slipping . No more measuring, just sew the elastic band in your wig. By moving the metal buckle, you can adjust the size to suit you.   Shipping cost Please select clothing shipping cost for this item if purchased on its own or with a  Tshirt or eyelashes order. If purchased with a hair or wig order, it will be fitted free for you. Not included and required - thread and needle Approximate Time required to attach the end pieces 5 minutes.

Custom Tshirts


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