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Personalising Your Eddiiez Wig

All Eddiiez Wigs are usually named after the owner, a season or a reason. Sometimes it’s the personality of the client or a name variation. Other times it could be the process of creating it, a location or song playing at the time. Some clients also ask to choose their Wig Name.

Our first post is about two of my favourite wigs. The Gracie and Kuti Wigs. The Gracie should be named Version 2. The first one, with a slight variation in colours was created for the same client and is called The Bel Ombre Wig.

The Gracie, named after a friend, is a bold, vivacious and vibrant adornment for a confident wearer and the current owner does this to perfection. It is part of our lively and colourful Candy range of wigs. The Gracie wig was made with 2 x #613 bundles and frontal units 10″,12″ and 12″.

Gracie Wig

The Kuti Wig my favourite of all wigs because of so many reasons not least it’s low maintenance after care.

KUTI Wig was the first wig named after a client. It is made with our kinky curly bundles and remains one of our best sellers. I was inspired by a friend’s mum to create a minimal version of the original wig and ended up creating my smallest custom closure, 1″ x 1.5″. Hand knotted, with multi strands per hole for a full coverage, as the wig texture is quite dense.

The name KUTI for me embodies, strength, courage, struggles, sacrifices, beauty and love. This was the genesis of personalising wigs for the owners.

The Kuti Wig can be combed out for a fuller afro style, revert back to the curly texture, by spraying it with water or leave-in conditioner. See images below.

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The “Bel Ombre”

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