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Lashes Accessories

Lash Wands  Our premium embellished lash wand comes with a  protective storage case.  Use your lash wand to lift and brush lashes through after application. Broad Tweezers Use to lay your eyelashes with ease on eyelids Clear Lash Glue  This can be purchased as a combo deal with our standard lash wands.  Apply on lash strip and allow air dry for a 30 seconds to 1 minute before applying on eye lid. Please note that this glue contains natural rubber latex.  Some people are sensitive to glues and adhesives and it is important,  as with all glues that you test for sensitivity before application, as we bear no responsibility for allergies or negative reactions from usage.  If glue gets in eyes please wash out immediately and seek medical advice.

Eddiiez Lashes


Easy to wear and install, Eddiiez Lashes are suitable for all occasions.

The Adore, Jasmine, Siren, Seduction and GiGi lashes are premium range, multiwear, washable lashes with (Please refer to care notice or contact us). They come in glamorous protective storage cases with lash glue and wand. Care To get the most out of your lashes, our strip lashes can be washed using any oil free make up remover, Micellar water is also suitable.  Dip the brush end of wand in solution holding on to the strip end firmly, lightly sweep through lashes in a downward motion only, and rinse under cool water, leave to air dry. Lashes when removed should be placed immediately in the storage case for longevity.  Ensure that your eyelidsare wiped clean after removal. See also our Adhesive Pen liners  New! Wispy Lashes  Discount on our wispy lashes.  These come in clear plastic cases and are &6 each.  Get £2 off when you purchase two.  To qualify for this offer, place 2 of our wispy lashes in your basket and enter code 2 for £10.  Cannot be used with any other codes.  

Adhesive Pen Liner – New!


How to use our Adhesive Liner.  

I can laugh now, looking back at this video and be grateful at the fabulous feedback received to date, despite this not going as it should. You should also view our IGTV for additional information on how to use the liner and why you must have one Watch me install my lashes